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    In order to understand the work of an architect, or a designer, to perceive truly the direction of his line, we have to consider his counterpoint, his perspective line. For Joran Briand, it’s the ocean. This young designer, trained at Olivier de Serres and the École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, keeps looking for the sea, open waters, the constant flow of waves unfolding. When he designs a jute stool for SaintLuc, the silhouette of a mooring bollard appears. When he initiates the collective exhibition Granit, he contributes with a surfing board, and inclusions of embroidery. Even his concrete bench prototype, designed for Vinci, seems to be spreading towards the swell… It is thusly, inspired by a deep knowledge of architecture, that Joran Briand always questions the object’s dimension. He imprints on his creations a dialogue on a wider scale, one of structure, of buildings, -of space.


    In parallel to his work, Joran teaches design at the Condé school and the Bleue school.



  • Work

    2014-04 / Design of a light collection, “Vera”, for the manufacturer Roche Bobois.

    2014-03 / Design of a light collection, “Stripes”, for the manufacturer Confidence and light.

    2013-09 / Conception of the project West is the best.

    2013-07 / Design of the hanging lamp “Bridget” for ENO

    2013-06 / Design of the first jute fiber surfboard, embroidered by hand, for GOB.

    2013-01 / Design of the furniture and graphic identity of the surf store Cuisse de grenouille, in Paris.

    2012-10 / Design of a concrete bench for the city of Marseille, manufactured by Vinci.

    2012-09 / The studio designs for young French manufacturer Magnalucis a collection of museum lighting, “Mura”.

    2012-06 / Graphic design of the Fresne School fence, for the architects Chartier-Dalix.

    2012-02 / Partnership project – VIA – In collaboration with the manufacturer Saintluc and the association GOB, the agency develops furniture using natural fiber in Bangladesh.

    2010-10 / The studio is chosen by architect Norman Foster and the Eiffage group to design a line of furniture presented as part of a competition for the new Ministry of Defence (Balard).

    2009-02 / The studio designs for Rudy Ricciotti

    2008-03 / The “lampe grimpante” lamp wins a VIA competition and is exhibited in several international exhibitions (Milan, Saint Etienne, Paris, Cologne)

    2008-01 / The studio designs the concrete net on Marseille’s Mucem and the Jean Bouin stadium, in Paris, for Rudy Ricciotti.

    2007-03 / Design of the lamp Neurone for Davide Groppi

    2006-01 / First partnership with architect Rudy Ricciotti on the “Grands Moulins de Paris” and the beginning of several collaborations in the coming years.

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